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All Season Tires


Michelin Defender



MaxTouch Construction™ combined with the interlocking action of Michelin's Breakthrough IntelliSipe™ technology delivers impressively long wear life by providing exceptional tread block rigidity while optimizing the tire's contact with the road during acceleration, braking and cornering.

Exceptional grip provided by IntelliSipe Technology™ maximizes the number of sipes within the tire, which allows you to brake confidently when you need to most for greater peace of mind in stressful driving situations.

The interlocking action of Intellisipes™ creates a more rigid tread block, which allows for a reduced starting tread depth leading to lower rolling resistance so you can save fuel without sacrificing safety or longevity.


Continental True Contact


The TrueContact™ is an all-season touring tire designed with a premium focus on fuel efficiency, extended treadwear and best-in-class wet braking.
Continental's EcoPlus™ Technology offers significant savings at the gas pump while specially formulated tread compounds and precisely engineered traction grooves provide extra safety in rain and snow.
Combined with Continental's ComfortRide™ Technology for a smooth, comfortable ride, the TrueContact offers the ultimate in passenger tire balance and performance.


General Altimax RT43 [T]


  • Visual Alignment Indicators: Tread Indicators let you know when your vehicle's alignment is out of adjustment.

  • Replacement Tire Monitors: Marks in the Altimax RT43's tread inform you when replacement tires are needed.

  • This tire promotes all-season handling and even treadwear.

  • 600 UTQG rating of HR rated sizes, and 700 UTQG on TR rates tire sizes.


Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus


A touring all season tire dedicated to coupes, sedans and minivans

Created from innovative materials and processing it contains over 18 different ingredients. The new P4 Four Seasons Plus is an optimal balance for high mileage and all season performance.

It delivers outstanding performance in all weather conditions, comfort and fuel savings.

90,000 mile limited treadwear warranty (T-Rated)

Eligible for Confidence Plus Plan: 90,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty and 30 Day Trial

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